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What does SOG mean in Electronics? What does SOG stand for in Electronics? What's the full form of SOG in Electronics?What's the full form of SOG in Electronics?

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1.  INTRODUCTION: Spin-On Glass (SOG) is a mixture of SiO2 forming chemicals and dopants (often boron or phosphorous) that is suspended in a solvent solution.

2.  Spin / Bake / Cure Procedure for Spin-On-Glass Materials For Interlevel and Intermetal Dielectric Planarization Effective utilization of Honeywell Spin-On Glass

3.  SAFETY DATA SHEET ACCUGLASS® P-112A Spin-On Glass 000000011639 Page 1 / 19 Version 1.4 Revision Date 11/19/2014 Print Date 10/13/2015 SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION

4.  As a leading supplier of microelectronic polymers to the semiconductor industry we helped pioneer the Spin-On Glass technology (SOG) that became an industry standard.

5.  Theoretical consideration and limits for the design of such lens systems are presented, together with first investigations concerning surface-smoothing by Spin-On Glass in order to make such lens systems to work in the X-ray region.

6.  High-aspect-ratio microstructures fabricated by X-ray lithography of polymethylsilsesquioxane-based Spin-On Glass thick films

7.  In this paper, a process for 200 μm high-aspect-ratio micro-optical (HARM) structures fabricated by deep X-ray lithography (DXRL) of polymethylislesuioane-based Spin-On Glass (SOG) thick films is presented.

8.  HSG-7000 is a Spin-On Glass (SOG) low k dielectric material, manufactured by Hitachi Chemical and is silesquioxane (SSQ) based.

9.  Properties of Spin-On Glass as an insulator for InP metal-insulator-semiconductor structures

Abbreviation SOG in other languages

  • 旋转玻璃 [中文]
  • Spin-On Glass [Español]
  • スピンオングラス [日本語]
  • Spin-On-Glas [Deutsch]
  • Вращающееся стекло [Pусский]
  • Spin-On verre [Français]

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