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1.  Embry-Riddle offers A.S. and B.S. degrees in Technical Management specifically suited for working professionals. Graduates emerge from the program with improved critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills to prepare them for leadership positions in both the aviation and non-aviation sectors.

2.  The Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Management is designed to build upon your prior education and work experience gained through your community college or military technical courses/occupations.

3.  After Indonesia gained its independence, the colonial irrigation system remained in existence and, consequently, irrigation engineering remained top-down, large-scale and focused on agricultural-Technical Management.

4.  To protect both people and their places, native people's claim to control should be legitimized by conservation and government authorities, particularly indigenous people's role in Technical Management of the protected area.

5.  It is important that medical staff have enough experience, not only in the Technical Management of patients, but also in psychosocial care of their parents.

6.  In addition, the development of Internet training materials and courses can support and improve the Technical Management skills of laboratory personnel.

7.  The combination of palynological data with archaeological and historical sources has for certain periods, mainly from the 11th to 13th centuries, provided new insights on the social and Technical Management of the territory.

9.  Technical Management approval ( at one or more levels ) might also need to take place in the United States.

10.  This allows Technical Management to consider the project 's complex supersystem at a coarser level of granularity.

11.  The Internet Engineering Steering Group ( IESG ) is responsible for Technical Management of IETF activities and the Internet standards process.

Abbreviation TMB in other languages

  • 技术管理 [中文]
  • Manejo tecnico [Español]
  • 技術管理 [日本語]
  • Technische Leitung [Deutsch]
  • Технический менеджмент [Pусский]
  • Gestion technique [Français]

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