[Energy] abbreviations

  • RCS  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Reaction Control System

    • Example: Overview. The orbiter's reaction control system comprises the forward and aft RCS. The forward RCS is located in the forward fuselage nose area.

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  • EF  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy Factor

    • Example: An energy factor is a metric used in the United States to compare the energy conversion efficiency of residential appliances and equipment.

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  • EDS  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy Dispursive Spectroscopy

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  • DCE  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Double Colorless Energy

    • Example: TrollandToad offers a large selection of Pokemon Singles at Great Prices. View Double Colorless Energy - 92/99 - Uncommon and other Black & White 4: Next Destinies Singles at TrollandToad.com.

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  • EC  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy Concept

    • Example: Using the Concept Builder The Name That Energy Concept Builder is shown in the iFrame below. There is a small hot spot in the top-left corner.

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  • ECA  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy Cost Adjustment

    • Example: The Energy Cost Adjustment recovers costs related to O&R's prior obligation to purchase energy from non-utility generation sources and other purchase agreements that ensure service reliability.

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  • EMR  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy Mines And Resources

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  • EM  (Governmental > Energy)

    Stand For:  Energy And Materials

    • Example: The field of research for the division Energy and Materials is very broad. We have diverse research activity, focusing on different aspects of material and energy related questions.

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