[English] abbreviations

  • ECC  (International > English)

    Stand For:  English Conversation Cult

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  • EM  (International > English)

    Stand For:  English Ministry

    • Example: Onnuri English Ministry is the English-speaking ministry of Onnuri Community Church in Seoul, Korea. Onnuri was founded with the vision of modeling itself after the early church in the book of Acts, centered on anointed preaching, passionate worship,

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  • AMES  (International > English)

    Stand For:  Adult Migrant English Service

    • Example: This learning resource was developed through a partnership between the NSW Adult Migrant English Service (NSW AMES) and the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.

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  • JET  (International > English)

    Stand For:  Junior English Tests

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  • OE  (International > English)

    Stand For:  Old English

    • Definition: Old English (Ænglisc, Anglisc, Englisc), or Anglo-Saxon,[2] is the earliest historical form of the English language, sp ... more >>
    • Example: Translate Old English text and words to Modern English and Modern English text and words to Old English

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  • PACE  (International > English)

    Stand For:  Perkins Approved Clear English

    • Example: ii This publication is written in Perkins Approved Clear English This publication is divided into six chapters: 1 General information 2 Engine views

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  • ET  (International > English)

    Stand For:  The English Table

    • Example: Byng Hall TTC is one of the few Advanced Level, 4 Star Premier Club's in the country and was the South East winner of the 2007/08 Club of the Year Award presented by the English Table Tennis Association.

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  • SEE  (International > English)

    Stand For:  Signed Exact English

    • Example: Andrew Hoffman April 17, 2008. Signed Exact English. Manually coded English (MCE) is the term for systems such as Signed Exact English (SEE) which are used to communicate English non-verbally.

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