[Leadership] abbreviations

  • HALO  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Hispanic American Leadership Organization

    • Example: Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO) Welcome, ¡Bienvenidos! WSU's Hispanic American Leadership Organization is a warm and inviting organization that welcomes all people.

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  • LTC  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Leadership Training For Christ

    • Example: LTC (Leadership training for Christ) Helping student learn to use their gifts and abilities to serve God and others. Leadership Training for Christ is an organization designed to stimulate and encourage spiritual, mental, and social growth among students in grades three through twelve.

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  • ILN  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  International Leadership Network

    • Example: International Leadership Network -Global and Diverse Leadership | The International Leadership Network is to identify, showcase, and support advocacy, assessment, consultation, intervention, policy, service, research, and teaching on global and diverse leadership vis-à-vis leaders, leadership, and organizations that are: 1.

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  • BUBBA  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Building Up Brothers By Accountability

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  • HAL  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  The Holonomic Assessment Of Leadership

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  • LAP  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Leadership Advance Program

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  • COLT  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Chapter Officer Leadership Training

    • Example: Florida FFA is excited to announce the 2017 Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT) conference. This conference is the second phase of our leadership continuum.

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  • GOAL  (Community > Leadership)

    Stand For:  Girls Outdoor Adventure For Leadership

    • Example: Summer camps for kids & teens from GOAL: Girls Outdoor Adventure for Leadership Decatur GA

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