[Nasa] abbreviations

  • RCO  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Range Control Officer

    • Example: 4,503 Range Control Officer jobs available on Indeed.com. Correctional Officer, Control Officer, Transportation Officer - Part Time and more!

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  • AAR  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  After Action Review

    • Example: The After Action Review is useful for reflecting upon a project during and after its completion. Sharing the results from your AAR can help future teams

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  • ACC  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Airspace Coordination Center

    • Example: Land Systems - Canadian Army initiatives of interest to the Canadian Defence Industry: Airspace Coordination Center Modernization

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  • AOA  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Abort-Once-Around

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  • ATO  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Abort-To-Orbit

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  • EO  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Electro-Optics

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  • GFI  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Government-Furnished Information

    • Example: How is Government-Furnished Information abbreviated? GFI stands for Government-Furnished Information. GFI is defined as Government-Furnished Information frequently.

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  • TPS  (Governmental > NASA)

    Stand For:  Test Program Set

    • Example: TM 11-6625-3081-23 1-26. TEST PROGRAM SET (TPS) 1-26 a. GENERAL A TPS consists of those peculiar items necessary to test a UUT on the AN/USM-410 test station and EETF TADS/PNVS augmentation equipment.

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