[Navy] abbreviations

  • AAAM  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Advanced Air-to-Air Missile

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  • AMP  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Analysis of Mobility Platform

    • Example: Raytheon BBN Technologies Corp. was awarded a contract modification to increase the contract ceiling value for services currently provided as Analysis of Mobility Platform support.

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  • IFFN  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Identification Friend, Foe, and Neutral

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  • JSZMC  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Joint Surf Zone Mine Countermeasures

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  • NAC  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  North Atlantic Council

    • Definition: The North Atlantic Council (NAC) is the principal political decision-making body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizati ... more >>
    • Example: The North Atlantic Council is the principal political decision-making body within NATO. It oversees the political and military process relating to security issues affecting the whole Alliance.

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  • NARDAC  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  NAval Regional Development Applications Center

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  • LOA  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Ley Orgánica de la Armada

    • Example: 05. DECRETO por el que se reforman y adicionan los artículos 30 de la Ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública Federal y 2 de la Ley Orgánica de la Armada de México.

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  • MOPP  (Governmental > Navy)

    Stand For:  Mission Oriented Protective Posture

    • Example: KADENA AIR BASE, Japan – The 18th Wing conducted a no-notice exercise Oct. 11 through 13, 2017, at Kadena Air Base, Japan.Units conducted training in Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear during the exercise.

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