[Parks] abbreviations

  • KP  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Kiln Park

    • Example: The very popular caravan park of Kiln Park in Tenby is a great place to spend a family holiday in Wales. The caravan park has a great range of facilities and activities for all the family, plus is situated close to the beach and the town of Tenby.

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  • KPG  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Kensington Park Gardens

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  • FMP  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Flint Memorial Park

    • Example: Find information on Flint Memorial Park located in Mt. Morris, MI. Browse burials or get directions to Mt. Morris, MI.

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  • WCRP  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Williamson County Regional Park

    • Example: Williamson County Parks and Recreation Southwest Williamson County Regional Park

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  • OMP  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Other Major Parks

    • Example: Yellowstone and other major parks grapple with illegal camping, vandalism, theft of resources, wildlife harassment and other misbehavior from visitors

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  • EPIC  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Exhibition Park In Canberra

    • Example: WELCOME TO EXHIBITION PARK IN CANBERRA Home to hundreds of events each year and Canberra's most popular caravan park/campground. More about EPIC

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  • VNP  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Voyageurs National Park

    • Definition: Voyageurs National Park is a United States National Park in northern Minnesota near the town of International Falls esta ... more >>
    • Example: Get Voyageurs information, facts, photos, and more in this Voyageurs National Park guide from National Geographic.

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  • POM  (Community > Parks)

    Stand For:  Park On Meter

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