[Surgical] abbreviations

  • NDL  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Needle

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  • FAST  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Focused Abdominal Sonography for Trauma

    • Example: E-FAST EXTENDED FOCUSED ABDOMINAL SONOGRAPHY FOR TRAUMA INTRODUCTION (DAVID KESSLER, M.D., 9/2016) Focused abdominal sonography for trauma (FAST) was one of the earliest applications of point of care ultrasound in the

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  • ERPC  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception

    • Example: ERPC, October 2017 . Evacuation of retained products of conception (ERPC) Introduction. This leaflet is designed to give you information on the operation you are about to undergo.

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  • UCP  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Uniform Customs and Practice

    • Example: Used by letter of credit practitioners worldwide, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) are the most successful private rules for trade ever developed.

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  • TS  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Treated Side

    • Example: Product Name: One side PVDC(Saran) coated PET film Description: Transparent BOPET film, coated PVDC(saran) on corona treated side only.

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  • AESOP  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning

    • Example: Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of using a voice-controlled robot Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning (AESOP) for holding and maneuvering the endoscope in the trans-sphenoidal approach to the pituitary.

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  • PEJ  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy

    • Example: PEJ Tube: Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy Tube A PEJ tube is a feeding tube that is put inside an outer tube which goes to the stomach.

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  • IBF  (Medical > Surgical)

    Stand For:  Inter-surgical Breathing Filter

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