[Treatment] abbreviations

  • ASCDAS  Treatment)

    Stand For:  American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery

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  • AEVL  Treatment)

    Stand For:  Agricultural Economics Virtual Library

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  • ARC  Treatment)

    Stand For:  Authentic Recovery Center

    • Example: 7 reviews of Authentic Recovery Center "These people are great, I have see them save families from addiction. Great environment to help your family or friends who struggle with any kind of addiction."

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  • AJCC  Treatment)

    Stand For:  American Joint Cancer Committee

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  • ASCI  Treatment)

    Stand For:  Asian Stem Cell Institute

    • Example: asian stem cell institute philippines. The Official Web Site of Asian Stem Cell Institute and Asian Stem Cell Regeneration. Learn all About Stem Cell Treatment and Stem Cell Theraphy

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  • AF  Treatment)

    Stand For:  Anaerobic Filter

    • Example: In sewage treatment systems, an anaerobic filter (AF) is a form of anaerobic digester.The digestion tank contains a filter medium where anaerobic microbial populations—organisms that live in the absence of oxygen — can establish themselves.

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  • APHIN  Treatment)

    Stand For:  Animal Productivity and Health Information Network

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  • AFSSA  Treatment)

    Stand For:  French Food Standards Agency

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